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Louise Yeiser

I laughed so hard, my sides ached. I have 3 mastiffs who do the same thing, and, just like your video showed, when they're into a good howl, they're REALLY into a good howl. Great video! How in the world did you capture it?


It's like the old air raid sirens I remember from my youth.

Apocalypse Bow.


This was all my doing. Kelsey started whining when I came in the house the other day and I started howling to see if I could get them both to howl together. Voila!

Mountain Mama

I laughed like crazy, too, but how soon before the neighbors called the cops?


We had a mutt that used to howl even when you made the howling movement with your mouth, without the sound.

pointy stick

I am SO glad cats can't do that.

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